Special Needs

What to Expect

Our heart behind this classroom

graceKIDS PALS is a classroom that was developed for kids who need a more one on one experience to assist them in learning God’s truth.
This can be due to health needs or with developmental or behavioral needs.
We have a trained and equipped team who faithfully prepares and plans for kids each week. We use repetitive learning and focus on one simple truth from God’s word each week. The goal each week is for each child to leave knowing that simple truth. We use a chronological curriculum, and engage students with many different tools.  

The room is equipped with many sensory friendly spaces and items.

Families interested in having their child use this room are encouraged to connect with Cassie Sanchez to set up an interview where a plan is created for their child while they attend this class.

When is this class offered?

Sundays at 9am ONLY

Where do I go? 

Our check-in counter is located between our two entrances. If you walk in through the main entrance with the larger foyer, turn left once you're through the foyer and you'll see us! If you enter through the side entrance, look right and you'll see us! Once at the counter, we'll get you registered and check you in, and we'll give you directions from there about where the classroom is for your child(ren). 

Interested in Serving With Us?

Hi! I'm Cassie Sanchez,

Director of graceKIDS Elementary and PALS

I'm so glad you're looking into coming to Grace Community Church!
Or maybe you've attended a few times or have made this church your home. I'm thankful you're here!
I hope this page is an easy resource for you to find out what you need about this ministry, where to go when you're here, or how you can serve if you're a member here at Grace! It's a privilege to serve these kids with special needs, and I work hard to help our kids be cared for well, have fun, stay safe, and hear about our savior Jesus!
If you have any questions, click here to send us an email. We'll get back to you soon!

Questions? Send us an email!

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