Hi, I'm Kyle!

Next Generation Pastor

If you're reading this and you haven't been to Solid Ground, our Sunday night event for high school students, I hope you'll consider coming soon! We're excited to meet you! I hope this page can be a helpful resource for you to learn more about what we have going on here at Grace for high school students. Click the buttons on the right to get an idea of what we do on Sunday nights, other events to look forward to, and more. If you do want to come visit, click the link below. We'll have you fill out some quick information so we can be expecting you and have a welcome gift for you when you arrive!

What to Expect


The typical order of our night begins with games before we worship God together, hear teaching from his Word, break up into small groups, and then conclude the night hanging out together.

God deserves our full lives given to Him in worship. When we meet together, we want to express through song the truth of who he is, what he has done, and who we are.
Expect teaching from the Word of God when we meet together. And we hope this informs everything we do together. We want to be students of his Word here, growing to be more and more like Jesus and following in his steps.
Our small groups are a place of transparency and unity. We love to dive deep into the Word of God while also laughing and crying together like family.


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Students, come join us!

Fill in your name, contact info, when you plan to visit, and anything you want us to know about you. We'll respond shortly, get ready for your visit, and have a welcome gift ready for you!